Cameraman high end video filming in Sri Lanka

Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful communication tools available to us. Nothing quite moves us or captures our imagination like a well-told story. We believe that the most powerful films are those that speak to the heart as well as the mind. We research, script and produce high quality films for our local and foreign clients. Whether you want to sell your products or change the world, let us help you tell your story.

Documentary filmmaking

We have produced over three dozen documentaries for local clients for local and international broadcast since 2005.  These include advocacy, corporate, public relations and public service films.  Our clients range from blue chip companies to International NGO’s and grassroots activists.


Feature filmmaking

A focus area of our business in the next few years.  As well as having a few award winning short films under our belt, we have some home-grown feature length projects in the pipeline which will be going into production soon.  Our goal is to become a significant player in the regional film industry within the next 10 years.


6K Video Production

We are probably one the only facilities in the country that owns and operates a complete inventory of production equipment exclusively for our use.  We have some of the best video equipment in the country including Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, Sound, Steadicam, Jibs, Drones, etc...  We are capable of delivering high end visuals in edited or unedited form for your use.


Television Drama

Delon Weerasinghe, Dreamforge’s creative director, is an experienced director of narrative drama.  Drawing from his background in theatre, he has directed many short films as well as a 14-episode television drama series.  He has also made films for foreign television such as the Sri Lankan contribution to the award winning children’s series “What makes me happy”.



We are able to service all your commercial production needs providing all production, technical and logistical services.


Video Editing

We operate 2 high end edit suites and one mastering suite running the newest versions of all software.  Our master suite offers editing, monitoring and mastering for up to 4K output.  We also operate two mobile suites which can be used to monitor, do DIT or even edit and grade material on location giving clients a visualization pipeline that is essential in visual effects work.


Audio Recording

We offer studio and location audio recording facilities with pristine quality and a 24bit/192 kHz pipeline.  We undertake voice-over recordings for documentary, commercials and promos.  We are also able to do field recording for a variety of requirements including interviews, podcasts and live performances.


Still Photography

We offer high quality commercial photography services.  One unique area that we have extensive experience in is documentary photography. We also have an extensive portfolio of fashion, product, portrait and architectural photography. Go to Flickr Gallery.


Music Videos

We are able to source locations, models, dancers and choreographers as well as crew and production services to make your music video a reality.

Remote Production / Live streaming

We offer remote production facilities for clients who are unable to be physically present on set. Clients can monitor the shoot from anywhere in the world and interact with those on set as if they were there in person. We are also able to live stream multiple cameras for remote production and switching as well as do live switching for direct broadcast.

Cameraman films a couple in traditional Sri Lankan costumes
Cameraman on a track dolly crane

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