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The Fearless Chef in Sri Lanka

Updated: May 28, 2020

International celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa travels to Sri Lanka to film an episode of his show "The Fearless chef" for Channel 4. The episode was filmed almost entirely along the South Western coast of Sri Lanka as Jethwa attempts to source the freshest ingredients for a local feast he is planning on making for the eccentric cast of characters he meets along the way.

Kiran Jethwa prawn fishing in the Madu river in Sothern Sri Lanka
Freshwater Prawn fishing in the Madu River

The first ingredient he goes looking for is Jumbo freshwater Prawns caught in traditional bamboo traps in the Madu River. Kiran finds out that catching these crustaceans isn't quite so easy, when you have to dive down to the riverbed and practically scoop the prawns out by hand. He also learns something he didn't know about an ingredient that he's cooked with his entire career. He find out that true Cinnamon is endemic to Sri Lanka and that Sri Lanka still produces nearly 80% of the world's supply of the spice. He also learns that the world Cinnamon market is dominated by an imposter.

Kiran Jethwa climbs a coconut tree in Sri Lanka
The fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa toddy tapping

And for the final ingredient, Kiran must face his fears as he risks his life Toddy Tapping 70 feet up in the air on a tightrope stretched between two coconut trees. He does quite well, but this finally proved to be a fear that the Fearless Chef was not able to overcome. Kiran uses his better judgement and decides not to make the dangerous journey between some of the tallest trees.

The client for this project was Quite Bright Films, Kenya which produced this show for Channel 4 UK. The Dreamforge was the Sri Lankan fixer and location producer for this shoot.

The Fearless Chef Season 1 Episode 9 - Sri Lanka

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