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Location Sound / Production sound mixer

Sound is a crucial element of any production. We can supply all your requirement for a sound department  including crew positions like production mixers, sound engineers and boom operators, as well as all your equipment needs like sound carts, microphones, radio systems, booms, set comms and field mixer/recorders. Our technicians are experienced team players. Let us help you capture clear sound tracks so you can tell your story as effectively as possible.

Cameraman and sound recordist filming military training camp in Sri Lanka.

We are proud to be the only supplier in Sri Lanka that can offer professional end-to-end production sound mixing on location for television and film production. Our sound work has featured in many international productions. We own and operate global industry standard equipment. We will capture the cleanest possible tracks with minimum fuss for your film, commercial, documentary, reality show or corporate video.

The following services are currently only available with us:

  • Dual system recording to camera and external recorder.

  • Wireless audio to/from camera for dual system monitoring.

  • Wireless boom with operator and single channel mixer for independent boom mixing.

  • Full-time stereo capture and mixing for documentary.

  • Multi-track ISO recording for feature, television drama and reality TV.

  • Wireless or jam synced timecode for any film or video camera system including Red, Varicam and Arri Alexa.

  • Set wide Wi-fi TC broadcast to idevices.

  • Digital clapperboard.

  • Wireless app control and metadata entry.

  • Custom sound reports.

  • Sound cart or Rolling sound bag for fully mobile location sound mixing solution.

  • Specialized equipment for virtually any sound situation. Our equipment includes industry standard brands like Sound Devices, Sanken, Sennheiser, DPA, Deneke, Timecode systems, Tascam, Audio Technica, K-tek, Rycote, Sony and many more.

Sound recordist and cameraman filming outdoors
Location sound mixer and cameraman sitting in the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser
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