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Filming Location Services and Fixers in Sri Lanka

If you're thinking of Filming in Sri Lanka, talk to us first. As location producers with over 90 International projects under our belt, we know what it takes to make a shoot successful. Our superpower is using all our experience to make your job easier. From research, to location scouting, to permits and to all shoot logistics, let us help you get it done on time and on budget.

Kris Saddler dressed as a prisoner filming locked up abroad in Sri Lanka. Fixer Sri Lanka.


We are a founding member of the International Film Producer’s Association (IFPA) of Sri Lanka which is the industry body accredited by The National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka and recognized by all relevant government bodies and ministries. The Dreamforge is also the only Sri Lankan service provider listed in the BBC International Filming Database as fixers and has been since 2005.

Research / Recce

We specialize in research particularly for documentaries. Being documentary filmmakers ourselves, we not only understand what you are looking for, but also interpret and contextualize the information for you. No matter how much information you can gather from the internet and other sources, Sri Lanka can still be a challenging place to get accurate information and arrange the kind of foolproof setups that filmmaking requires. Our years of experience as location producers and filmmakers give us an ear to the ground that these sources simply cannot rival. When we scout a location, you can be sure that it will be shoot ready and that there will be no unpleasant surprises come shoot day. 


Permits / Visas

To film successfully in Sri Lanka it is essential that you obtain all the appropriate permits and permissions. We are registered with the National Film Corporation and have an excellent working relationship with all the relevant government bodies and agencies to make permits and visas a completely painless process for you. With over 15 years of experience, we are able to quickly navigate through the complex permission processes to ensure that you are able to get in and start filming on schedule. 


Sri Lanka is special in that it offers a range of locations of tremendous visual diversity within a relatively small country. This allows us to move a production from a tropical jungle to a paradise beach to a colonial mansion to a sound stage set in a matter of hours.


Video Filming

Our camerawork has appeared in International films, television and web multimedia productions. Some of these productions have won international awards and have even been Emmy nominated. We can deliver in many formats all the way up to 6K to very high production values.


Sound recording

We are proud to be the only supplier in Sri Lanka that can offer professional end-to-end location sound mixing for documentary and film production. Our sound work has featured in many international productions. We own and operate global industry standard equipment. 24bit/192khz audio, custom soundcart, wireless timecode sync, digital slates and set-wide wireless monitoring are some of the exclusive features that we are able to offer. We also have the best and most expansive set of mics, connecting cables and accessories, which ensures that we can connect to any professional kit and that your sound is crystal clear under ANY circumstances. Find out more.


Production design and set construction

We work with some of the best art directors, set designers and builders in the business who are more than capable of bringing even the most complex and ambitious ideas to life.



We are able to source professional models and actors for your productions with a good command of English. We can also arrange wardrobe, make-up and hairdressing services.



We are also able to fill local crew positions for your production. We have access to assistant directors, gaffers, riggers, grips, AC/focus pullers, security, medics, safety officers, drone operators, drivers and just about any other crew position that you might require. All technicians we work with have previous experience working on foreign productions and speak good English.



As a working production facility, we maintain an impressive inventory of the latest camera, sound, grip and lighting equipment which can be made available for your production. We specialize in lightweight, portable kit which can be used by small crews. If you require any equipment we do not have in house, we can get you the best prices in town through our special relationships with local rental houses.


Still Photography

We are able to provide all logistical services to make your photo shoot in Sri Lanka a success. If required, we can also provide professional working stills for your publicity. Go to Flickr Gallery.


We are also able to arrange choreography, make-up, wardrobe, pyrotechnics, music, catering, stunts, translations, etc… If your requirement is not on this list, please get in touch and we will arrange it for you.

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