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The Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve

Updated: May 23, 2020

BBC Presenter Simon Reeve being filmed in Hambantota Sri Lanka
Simon Reeve in Hambantota

The BBC2 series "Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve" follows the adventurer as he travels around the rim of the ocean, uncovering stories from some of the world's most remote, most dangerous and most beautiful locations.

In Sri Lanka, Simon first travels North to Jaffna to meet some children in a school affected by the country's decades long civil war. He finds that although the war is now over, the lives of the children here still haven't returned to normal. He joins the class as they learn about how to avoid landmines and unexploded bombs as they play.

He next travels by train to Hambantota in the very South of the country to visit the brand new port being constructed there with the help of China.

His next stop is the Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe, where he learns about their conservation and release program for orphaned baby elephants. Here he meets and gets a chance to feed one of the youngest residents, a two month old baby elephant named Namal, who is here because he was caught and injured in a hunter's trap.

The series was produced by the BBC. The Dreamforge was the location fixer for this shoot in Sri Lanka.

Simon Reeve squats next to a injured baby elephant in Udawalawe Sri Lanka
Simon Reeve meets Namal, the baby Elephant

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