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Nokia corporate video films in Sri Lanka

Updated: May 27, 2020

The Dreamforge was the fixer and location services provider for a corporate video for Nokia, which was filmed on location in Galle, Sri Lanka. The video included scenes filmed in many countries including Brazil, USA, China, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. With scripted scenarios depicting diverse people from around the world, the video was meant to show Nokia's real world customers and how they use their communication solutions every day.

In Sri Lanka, filming centered mostly around Galle, a beach side town in Southern Sri Lanka which boasts a Dutch Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Various scenarios such as a market scene, stilt fishing and an elaborate Sri Lankan wedding were set up by our local production team. The local crew consisted of an assistant director, art director, wardrobe and makeup, casting director, grip, gaffer and their respective teams.

The Dreamforge was the fixer and local producer for this shoot and handled all aspects of the production including budgeting, shoot planning, permits, location management, sets, models, crew, transport and equipment. The film was produced by Fitchlive UK for Nokia Finland.

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